Computer Finance

We plan, deploy and manage secure IT environments for Australian Businesses

Welcome to Computer Finance – We plan, deploy, and manage secure IT environments for Australian Businesses.

What We Do 

In line with our commitment to provide access to secure IT environments for Australian businesses, we offer the following.

Cyber Security

The internet comes with various threats to your business. Yet, you can easily surmount them with the right IT solutions. And that is where we come in. At Computer Finance, we offer cybersecurity solutions to protect businesses from all form of cyber threats. From phishing to malware to ransomware, we ensure you stay secure. Click here for more.


Access to a fast and reliable connection is indispensable if you intend to scale your business performance. At Computer Finance, we recognise the importance of reliable and robust network access. As such, we provide a wide range of bespoke network solutions which cut across Connectivity, Software-Defined Networks, and Global Networks, among others. Click here for more.


We understand the importance of secure and accessible data for the optimal performance of every business, including your business. As such, we offer access to customised cloud storage that satisfies every one of your needs. Our solution cut across Private Cloud, Colocation, and Microsoft Azure, among others. Click here for more.

Managed Services

We understand the complications involved in your data and security management. More so, the expertise required. We come in to relieve you of these responsibilities with our managed services. Our managed services cut across Managed Security, Managed Network, and Intelligence Centre. Click here for more.

IT Equipment

We understand the crucial role that quality equipment plays in your bid to enjoy seamless IT solutions. We offer access to this IT equipment. Our product offering cut across both hardware and software accessories.  Click here for more.


We understand that financial difficulties typically come with the outright and lump-sum purchase of IT equipment. As such, we offer equipment finance to help aid the purchase. Our equipment financing options include Chattel Mortgage, Hire Purchase, and Finance Leasing, among others. Click here for more.

Why Choose Us!​

Our services are sought after because we offer the following:

Expert Team

We comprise of a team of experts within the IT space. This allows us to deliver quality service for every one of your needs. With us, you can be sure you enjoy the best technology in your security framework.


Our services are cost-effective. We achieve our service delivery while ensuring your financial convenience. We also offer financing services to see to it that your financial limitation does not affect your need for quality choices.

Personalised Services

Our services are personalised. We take into consideration your existing security framework. We ensure we understand every of your security needs. We then ensure our services fit in perfectly into your needs.


We are located in Australia. You can reach us through any of the means below. We would love to hear from you.