At Computer Finance Australia, we remain one of the leaders in the industry, providing IT solutions and services to businesses. We have a zero-tolerance policy for mediocre service. We recognise that information and technology security is just as important as oxygen to humans, and we do not take chances with it. Our pool of experts is the best in their respective field. They boast of vast hands-on experience in their discipline. We trust them never to slow it down on providing you with the best protection your IT security architecture deserves.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the best in the industry, providing you with solutions to all your IT problems. We want to be the only one you come to when you think of your businesses’ security architecture. We aim to provide you with the solutions you need in the best affordable way while maintaining premium quality.

Our Mission

Our mission is to prioritise the security of your IT architecture models. We go the extra mile to ensure you get the best from us without breaking the bank.  We recognise the importance of information security to the growth of your business. That is why we have carefully selected our team of highly experienced and skilled IT personnel to attend to any issue you might have in your security architecture. We put you first all through and do not compromise on any of our values.


We also offer access to third-party sites through which you can enjoy their storage and network resources at a cost-effective price. We partner with renowned data centres within Australia such as Fujitsu, NEXTDC to provide you with a secure storage centre for your data. We allow you to collocate your equipment and enjoy Australia’s fibre-connected centres close to your office. You enjoy fast response to issues, tailored services, and safety from a power outage.

Our Values

We are very keen on turning out the best services for all of our clients. That is why the following values guide our actions before, during and after our engagements.


We adopt a see-through approach to all our dealings with our clients. And this is regardless of our contract with you and the size of your business. We place every card on the table and allow you to see every move we make to give you the best during our engagement. We believe that through this, you can develop confidence in our process.


In all our approaches, we are very thorough and have a keen eye for minute details. We adopt the best methods to provide you with full service. Our commitment to satisfying our clients has given us the edge among our competitors.  We see to it that you get extraordinary value for every of our engagement.

Result Oriented

We break barriers to arrive at the best solution for you. We do everything possible and within the provisions of the law to keep your security architecture safe. We do not wait until there is already a threat. We test the volatility of your system and networks, identify the loopholes and block it with the best technology there is. This has continually kept all our clients far ahead of breaches and threats. 


One reason our clients keep coming back to us is that they know we would always put their interest first in all the services we provide. We have designed all our approaches to keep the focus on the clients. We recognise where the shoe pinches the most and provide a solution. All our clients know us not just to provide the service when they need it. We follow through every step and check in to ensure that all is in place.  We treat all our clients like family, because, that is what we are.