Data storage is an essential aspect of every business. From consumer data to business data, it is vital to maintain your data in a readily accessible manner. Even more, it is crucial to ensure your data is safe from breaches and loss. At Computer Finance, that is where we come in. We offer cloud storage services that allow you to transcend traditional data storage and move to more secure data storage. We are well experienced with a combined three decades of experience in cloud storage service provisions. In turn, this enables us to deliver efficiently to suit all your needs. We offer a comprehensive storage solution. As such, we do not only advocate and offer cloud storage. We provide a hybrid storage solution where it suits your needs. We achieve this by examining your business structure and framework, your data type and network system, and your current storage methods to determine what works best for you. To ensure that you enjoy the best and most comprehensive storage solution, we offer the following.

Private Cloud 

At Computer Finance, we offer private cloud services. Under this offering, we help you create and establish your private cloud. We ensure that it can satisfy all your business requirements. We have a world-class infrastructure that we apply for your benefit. We also have a team of skilled architects that interpret every of your requirement and transforms them into your available private cloud. Our offering here comes characterised by private multi-tenancy, elastic and scalable provisions, and geographic redundancy to ensure efficiency. 

Microsoft Azure

We also offer to assist you in customising the creation of your Azure profile. Through our Azure managed services, we help you to get most of the environment as you seek to maintain and improve an Azure infrastructure for your business. Our offering here comes characterised by public or private hybrid systems, smooth migration, risk mitigation, secure network, scalable architecture, and full service.


We also offer access to third-party sites through which you can enjoy their storage and network resources at a cost-effective price. We partner with renowned data centres within Australia such as Fujitsu, NEXTDC to provide you with a secure storage centre for your data. We allow you to collocate your equipment and enjoy Australia’s fibre-connected centres close to your office. You enjoy fast response to issues, tailored services, and safety from a power outage.

Data Backup & Recovery Service

We also offer state-of-the-art and industry-leading data backup and recovery services within the cloud. As such, we ensure that even in the failure of front-end technology, you remain safe and data protected. Our system supports frequent save points to ensure you hardly lose any data. Our backup is also fast and only bettered by our swift restore function.

Office 365 and Microsoft 365

We offer a smooth and seamless migration to Office 365. We help you set up every aspect of your experience professionally to ensure you enjoy the best experience. From your Active Directory to migrating your mailboxes to migrating your data, we commit ourselves to cover the field. Contact us today for your cloud storage needs.