Getting high-quality equipment for your business can come as a financial strain. If you are looking to install a wide range of new equipment, this can even result in financial hardship. Well, you can now avoid financial difficulties with equipment finance. It is an option that allows you to access your equipment without making the lump sum payment yourself. In this case, you get a lender to make the purchase or payment on your behalf. Then, you commit to a repayment schedule where you discharge the cost price. At Computer Finance, we provide access to equipment finance. Thanks to our team of highly experienced brokers, we guarantee a straightforward process as you seek to finance the purchase of your IT equipment. You can contact us today for your equipment finance. Let us help provide financial ease and comfort to your equipment purchase.

Why Choose Us

We are sought -after for our financial brokerage services due to the following reasons.

Wide Lender List

Our services guarantee you access to a wide range of lenders within the Australian market. This allows us to find the best rates for you. Also, we can guarantee that irrespective of your financial situation, you can get access to a lender.

Seamless Process 

Our financing process is straightforward and without any hassle. We combine this with a swift process. From start to finish, we ensure that we prioritise speed. This way, you can get access to your equipment when you need them.

Affordable Rates

One of the hallmarks of our financial services is an affordable rate. We do not compromise your financial security. We ensure you get the lowest possible interest rate as the cost of our financial services.

Personalised Service 

Our service is fully personalised. We take into consideration your every need. We ensure no stone is left untouched as we try to help you get equipment finance.  Learn more. 

Our Available Financing Options

We offer a wide range of equipment finance option to help you purchase your IT equipment needs. Our finance options include:

Chattel Mortgage 

Our first finding option is the chattel mortgage. With this option, we connect you to a lender who provides the cost price of your IT equipment or other equipment. Then, you proceed to use cash finance to pursue the equipment of your needs.  Then, after the purchase, you commit to an agreement between yourself and the lender. Under this agreement, you execute a mortgage in favour of the lender over the equipment you purchase.  Then, you commit to a repayment of the cost price plus interest over a duration. Then, upon full repayment, the mortgage relationship over the equipment ends. You should know that you get ownership immediately upon purchase under this equipment finance option.

Commercial Hire Purchase 

Another equipment finance option that we offer is the commercial hire purchase option. In this category, we provide access equipment of your needs on hire. This hire agreement exists between you and a lender, and it is scheduled to span a specific duration.  Then during that duration, your obligation will be to make regular repayment of the cost price of the equipment plus interest. Throughout this period, all you get is merely exclusive possession to the use of the equipment. Then, within the agreement, you enjoy an option to purchase the equipment once you are done making the repayment. Hence, once you complete repayment and exercise this option, ownership automatically transfers to you.

Long-Term and Short-Term Rental 

Another finance option for your equipment purchase is a long term or short-term rental. In this category, you contract or rent the equipment of your choice for a period. Typically, this can either be on a short-term basis or a long-term basis. As usual, you will commit to a monthly payment throughout the rental agreement. Then after the agreement lapse, you can either decide to renew and extend the rental agreement or return the equipment. However, in some case, you can also proceed to make a purchase. However, this will be outside the rental agreement. The value will usually come upon consideration of the equipment current market value.

Finance Leasing

You can also take advantage of the finance leasing option for your equipment finance. This option combines the characteristic of both a commercial hire purchase agreement and a long-term rental. In this category, you enter into a long-term rental in respect of the equipment. However, an additional clause comes with the lease agreement, which allows you to purchase the equipment after paying the lump sum at the end of the agreement. Typically, in this case, the lump sum payment is higher than the final payment in a commercial hire purchase finance option. Then, upon discharging the lump sum payment, you get access to ownership of the equipment. You can contact us today for your equipment finance. Let us help provide financial ease and comfort to your equipment purchase.