Intelligence Centre

If you think about it, the internet seems to be the most dangerous yet safest place for any business to be.  There are so many opportunities lurking around by leveraging the power of the internet. At the same time, there is so much threat directed to businesses to bring them down and obtain information. That is why you should never leave anything to chances if your business has systems and networks connected to the cyber architecture. You indeed have to protect your intelligence centre. At Computer Finance Australia, intelligence centre service is one of the offerings we give to our clients. We are best at what we do. That is why we remain relevant in the industry. We help you analyse your customers’ behaviour and provide you with a thorough review of how to boost your business’ customer base. We make sense of your business’ data, simplify it and leverage it to give you a robust view of what you need to do. We assess risks that may be imminent to your business, identify the loopholes and provide you with the best technology to block it. We assess your business, identify overflowing dealings, cut it out and help him reduce general business cost. By engaging us, we leverage the power of the data generated by your business, make superb sense of it and help you make better business decisions. We are guided by some fundamental principles while providing our intelligence centre service. Some of these principles are;

Data Security and Risk

We do our best to secure your business data and properties from attackers. We understand how these are important to you. And we go the extra mile to assess the risk they may be opened to, identify and block all loopholes. 

Real-time Analysis

In dealing with your intelligence centre service, we refuse to take things at the surface level. We do an in-depth, robust and thorough analysis of all your business system and network architecture to give us a bold view of anything that could be a problem to your business.

Actionable Insight

We do not just do a thorough and robust analysis and stop there. We go kilometres deeper to guide you against any threat. We are proactive with all our services and do not leave anything for the bad guys to explore.

Pre-Exploit Analysis

At Computer Finance Australia, we do not wait to the last minute before we protect you against threats and attacks from the bad guys. We do our homework and strengthen your network and system architecture for any attack that it might face. This helps your business to continue running without any attack.

Collection, Normalisation and Analysis

We help you create a web of an identical protection system for your business data. This is so your business can withstand any threat put to it at any time. We normalise in-house threat analysis and protect you against the rainy day.


No matter the volume of your data or the complexities of your system and network architecture, our team of experts would deploy the best technology to provide a robust solution to any threat you may be facing. Contact us today to get the best, improve and secure your intelligence centre and improve your business efficiency.