As your businesses continue to grow, one aspect that you cannot underestimate is your network capacity. It would help if you had a resilient and robust network that your business can maximise to drive operational efficiency and, in turn, profitability. And that is where we come in. At Computer Finance, we offer you access to the best network systems that can help you power your business and take it to the next level. We understand the growing importance of an efficient and sufficient bandwidth. From video to mobility to the cloud, you cannot relax in a bid to have the best connectivity and network system. We understand these needs, and we support you as you strive to achieve them. We have a team of experts with considerable experience in the information technology system. This allows us to service your business with optimal product and solutions. We bring our expertise to fore in our recommendations, installation, process, continuous support, and overall service delivery. Our network solutions cut across the following area.


We provide access to high-quality and reliable network performance. We provide access to a dynamic network service that can power your business and connect you to the rest of the world. Our connectivity solutions cut across Private Networks, Satellite Services, and Ethernet and Optical.

Software-Defined Networks

We understand that you need a network that can respond adequately to the various challenges occasioned by a technology-driven world. As such, we provide a network service that transforms you into an agile organisation and allows you to deliver effective services and experiences to your customers. Our SDN ensure you have all it takes to reach and scale within new markets. We provide access to the latest and most advanced technologies in line with our commitment to delivering bespoke solutions. Our network offering under this category includes managed Wi-Fi, Programmable Network, and Managed SD-WAN.


We provide superior network functionality through our wide range of technological solutions. We partner with other recognised network solutions to deliver a complete and integrated ICT solution. This way, your business can harness the benefits present in Australia’s broadband network.

Global Networks

When it comes to innovation, speed, and resilience that you can bank on, Computer Finance is at the top of the list. We tailor our network solution under this category to ensure you can connect effortlessly with customers, partners, and suppliers based on your dynamic business needs. Our service solutions under this category are dynamic and interwoven. It supports the integration of network solutions such as SD-WAN, Collocation, and Cloud services.  We enjoy access to one of the largest cable networks in the Asia-Pacific region. One which we allow you to enjoy when you join us. In turn, this allows you to enjoy faster services, real-time solutions, and seamless connectivity. Our global network solutions cut across Satellite Services, Point-to-Point Private Lines, and Software-Defined Network. Contact us today for your network solutions. We are happy to help you.